Xplore Account

The Student account is saving account targeted at students between the ages of 16-30 that allows them save towards their future while providing the opportunity to access world-class financial services.


  • Minimum opening – GH¢5
  • Operating balance – GH¢5
  • No service charge
  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Personalized Master Card
  • Free alerts
  • Free E-zwich Card
  • 50% discount on Drafts for school fees payments
  • Free Online and Mobile Banking Apps
  • 24/7 access to cash and account information
  • Unrestricted withdrawals
  • Withdrawal booklet costing



  • Students have the opportunity to part take in entrance exams organized by the Bank
  • Periodic invitation to events organized by the bank
  • Free shopping with their MasterCard on POS and Internet
  • Free Branded Souvenirs from FBNBank


Required Documentation

  • A duly completed application form
  • One passport photograph
  • Copy of Student ID
  • Copy of Admission letter into Tertiary Institution
  • Copy of Passport (for International Students)


Who can Apply?

  • Students between 16-30 years.

To open an Xplore account

1) Do I need references for an Xplore Account?

  • References are not needed for this account


2) Is it mandatory to have a Debit Card for the Xplore Account?

  • A debit card is only issued if you request for one


3) What will happen to the Xplore Account when the person becomes 31 years old?

  • The Xplore account is automatically converted to a Savings Account

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