As you may already be aware, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in conjunction with the Bankers Committee has launched the Biometric Identification Project to provide a single biometric database for all banks’ customers nationwide. Part of the requirements within this initiative is that customers enroll with their banks to get their unique Bank Verification Numbers (BVN), without which customers will not be able to transact in any bank after the  deadline (date soon to be announced by CBN)

In our quest to continue to put You First for convenient and secure banking, we at FirstBank are keen to ensure that all our valued customers are aware and understand the benefits of this initiative

  • Security – Higher level of security, protects your account from unauthorized access
  • Speed – Fast-track services in FirstBank branches when you transact with your biometrics
  • Ease – Easy and acceptable means of identification across all Banks in Nigeria, BVN

For Diaspora

  • Customers would be required to present the following
    • BVN Enrolment form which can be downloaded from Or in any of our locations.
    • Valid ID:
      • Nigerian International Passport
      • Nigerian National ID Card
      • Nigerian Driver’s License

For OIS Centres

      • Customer will be required to present the following:
        BVN Enrolment form which can be downloaded from here Or at our center.
        Valid ID:
        a) Nigerian International Passport
        b) Nigerian National ID Card
        c) Nigerian Driver’s License
        One recent passport photograph
      Enrolment fee. See details below for each of the centers.
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