Oil and Gas Contract Finance

The product is designed to meet the funding requirements of indigenous oil and gas companies who are either customers or prospects of FirstBank.


  • It is self-liquidating: The facility is contingent upon receipt of contract proceeds after successful completion of milestone.
  • The facility is short tenured: The facility tenure is mostly between 90-360 days depending on the contract being executed.
  • The bank provides up to 70% of cost of contract execution and not cost of contract value.
  • The product has essentially domiciliation of contract proceeds as the sole comfort except where facility is in excess of N50million for Project Finance which must be secured with tangible collateral.



  • Increased profitability.


Accompanying Documents

  • Contract Documents.
  • Financial statement (audited).
  • Evidence of past job(s) executed (copies of payment advice).
  • Customer’s application Letter.

The product is available to both new & existing customers of the Bank who can apply through any of the FirstBank branches. 

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