Loans and Mortgages

Does your business need cash support for handling capital, property development or refurbishment? Are you looking to purchase new machinery/equipment to give your business a boost?  

Whatever your business plans are, our loans are designed to meet your business needs. We also have financing options for all your other needs including : medical Bills, Local Purchase Orders School fees e.t.c.

Term Loans are designed to provide specific funding amount with a specified repayment schedule to meet working capital needs of your business.

The Secured Overdraft is designed to help your business grow by providing you with an Overdraft to finance your working capital requirements.

The Invoice Discounting Facility provides a structured and controllable finance to customers who need immediate funding for working capital requirements.

The Local Purchase Order Financing Facility is designed to provide a structured and controllable funding model to customers for the execution of job orders.

Build your business credibility with the Import Duty Finance. This loan product is ideal for Trade Businesses who import finished goods.

This product is designed to provide a structured finance to traders and distributors of FMCG Principals to meet working capital needs.

This products enables customers receive advance payment for contracts in furtherance of executing key projects.

A Bank Guarantee is a promise from a bank that if a particular borrower (customer) defaults on a loan, the Bank will cover the loss.

The product is a short term credit facility designed for SME customers of the Bank to augment working capital against the customers’ cash flow.

The FirstEdu Product is designed to offer short term finance to registered private educational institutions with steady flow of income.

This loan product is designed to provide funding in a standardized manner to the contractor (a customer of the bank) for the execution of contracts.

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