Employee Giving and Volunteering

The Employee Giving and Volunteering Scheme is a platform through which FirstBank is currently harnessing its Employee Volunteerism engagement strategy, enabling the Bank to effectively translate to employees and stakeholders that “giving back”, through varied corporate responsibility initiatives, is an integral element of the FirstBank corporate culture. This approach complements  business goals and values as it builds the morale of our workforce. It creates an enabling environment for team building and leadership activities and opportunities. More importantly, it addresses and helps to alleviate community development challenges, as our employee-inspired initiatives are mutually beneficial.

These employee-driven programmes, executed in fun ways, connect the FirstBank family with the community, while addressing pressing social issues, thus creating room for partnerships through access to valuable resources and skills. It generates a platform for new ideas, talents, and concepts. It is significant to note the open and clear lines of communication that this approach creates between the different sectors of the community and the Bank.

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