A Great place to Work

Our responsibilities to our people include enhancing the quality of relationships among all people in the Group as this is a key determinant of qualitative decisions and how they are implemented. To this end, our mantra for year 2013 was “WHOLESOMENESS”. This was borne out of a deep reflection on the all-important need to proactively drive synergies across the Bank, its various teams and subsidiaries. Our engagement plan included people integration, managing change and promoting diversity and inclusion. Our diversity policy was refreshed aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We recognise that advancing diversity and inclusion creates possibilities for change and innovation as unique views and ideas are aligned for a common goal.

Our diverse working environments include employees of different ethnicities, genders, abilities, ages and cultural differences. We currently have nine women on the respective boards of the subsidiaries that make up FBN Holdings – which is the highest of any holding company in Nigeria. In addition, to engender healthy relationships and employee bonding, we have created platforms for our employees to actually express themselves and have truly fulfilling experiences. One of such platforms is the Employee Volunteering Scheme. This programme provides an opportunity for employees to volunteer their time and skills in empowering communities where we live and work.

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