TV Subscription

Never miss out on your favorite TV programmes! Settle your Pay TV subscription bills via our In-branch locations, ATM machines and on the web.


  • Collections are done via 3 main channels: Bank branch, ATM and web
  • No extra charge to the customer for in-branch payment
  • Customized deposit slips are used for in-branch payments
  • Seamless update of customers’ billing account as soon as payment is made
  • Single view of customers’ payment to the company which helps minimize reconciliation issues and delay when customer makes payment.



  • Ease of payment of subscription bills for customers at our various retail outlets and by using their debit cards on FirstBank ATMs and on the web
  • Seamless update of subscriber account as soon as payment is made
  • No extra cost to subscriber for in-branch payments
  • Easy reconciliation of subscription account as well as payment tracking.

1) How can I pay my TV Subscription?

  • TV subscriptions can be paid in all FBN branches, ATM machines, online through FirstOnline and via FirstMobile, our innovative mobile app. 

2) What would I need to make my TV subscription payments?

You will need the following:

  • Smart card number
  • Cheque or cash
  • Name and address of subscriber.

3) Are there any charges to the customer apart from the subscription amount?

  • For payments made at the branch, there is no extra charge. However, for payments made via the web, through FirstMobile or via an ATM, there is a token charge.

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