Agent Banking

Conveniently do your transactions at any FBNBank Agent close to you. Experience the comfort of banking right in your neighbourhood.

How to identify an FBNBank Agent

Our Agent locations are branded with the following items:

  • A-stand
  • Name Sign
  • Dangler
  • Stickers
  • Customer Notice
  • Provide financial access in new locations (cost effectively)
  • Grow number of customers
  • Decongest the branch
  • Grow low cost deposits
  • Provide more convenient points for customers to transact
  • Improve goodwill by solving social welfare problems
  • Improves trust and credibility in the community
  • Expansion of service offerings
  • Additional revenue from commissions and incentives
  • Increased demand for existing services
  • Access to custom/ relevant products that fit the needs of the target market
  • Saves travel and queue time (relative to alternatives such as the Branch and ATM point)
  • Quick access to “Human ATMs” which serve all customer segment types of FBNBank and customers of other banks.


The Agent Banking Services at Agent location includes the following:


1) Services

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Funds Transfer Services


2) Collection of documents for Opening of Accounts by the Bank

  • Obtaining duly completed account opening forms containing Customer’s personal information such as name, location address, email, telephone number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name and gender.
  • Obtaining KYC documentation from each Customer as may be required by the Bank and the BoG, from time to time.
  • Collection of documentation sufficient to prove such Customer’s identity including utility bills, international passport, driving license etc and such other information as may be required by the Bank from time to time.
  • Sending all documents and information collected to Agent’s designated Branch.


3) Approved Transactional Channels

The Agent shall render the approved transaction services to Customers using only the following approved transaction channels:

  • POS terminal supplied by the Bank for Agent Banking Services only (i.e. connected to the Agent Banking platform).
  • The Bank USSD string connected to the Agent Banking platform, accessible via the Agent’s device.
  • The downloaded mobile application connected to the Agent Banking platform, accessible through the Agent’s device.

Applicable fees and commission for FBNBank Agent Banking Services















2 DEPOSIT (Own Bank Account) FREE





0.15% -Minimum GHC 3.00



Transaction Dynamic

  • Customers are charged a convenience fee for transactions.
  • Agent earns commission for most of the transactions performed
  • All transactions done at the Agent’s location are real-time and impact sender/ beneficiary’s account instantly.
  • Transactions are performed using dedicated channels for Agents which include POS terminal, Agent Android APP, and Agent USSD.


Customer Transaction Guide

  • Customers must ensure they have referred to the tariff guide for applicable charges. This will be applied directly on customer’s account for cash withdrawal services. For funds transfers and deposit into other bank customer’s account, applicable fees must be added to amount before Agent commit transaction.
  • Customers are not required to pay any other fees or charges to the Agent.
  • Don’t expose your Pin to anyone.
  • Ensure Confirmation of your transaction by the Bank through text message before leaving Agent Location
  • Receipt is issued per transaction
  • Transactions cannot be carried out when network or transaction platform is not working

Type of Business that can be used for Agent Banking

  • Registered businesses
  • Corporates with Retail chains/ Large distribution network
  • Limited liability companies
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Cooperative
  • Societies
  • Retail Shops
  • Pharmacy Shops
  • Fuel Stations
  • Hotels
  • ECG Vending points
  • Mobile Phone Shops
  • High Volume Telco subsidiaries
  • Supermarkets; etc


Criteria for selection of Agents

  • Business must be registered
  • Location must be customer friendly and a business area/ developing business centre or residential
  • Prospective Agent must operate in a shop (brick and Morta either rented or owned.)
  • Willingness to render financial services as defined by the Bank
  • Valid means of identification for business owner(s)/ signatories
  • Passport pictures of signatory/ signatories
  • Registration documents
  • Physical location address and GPS co-ordinates
  • Commercial activities of the prospective agent in preceding 12 months


1 Gloricom Ventures Haatso-Ecomoc road, opposite the total fuel station Dome
2 Dipsy Payments and Settlement Limited Kwabenya-Musuku Roundabout Dome
3 OHAMAN Ventures Nima Market Spintex 1
4 Julifort Limited Dansoman, around exhibition rounabout Dansoman
5 Dosphen Enterprise Madina Market Airport
6 A Pualus Enterprise Mataheko 1st Light Kaneshie
7 Dondany Multichoice Ventures Tema Comm. 2, near the police station Tema
8 Vital Payments & Receipts Kokomlemle,John Sarbah RD.,opposite Church of Pentecost Achimota
9 Vital Payments & Receipts Ashaley Botwe close to Mega Training school Achimota
10 Kojoe P Ent. Maprobi, near the Methodist Church Korlebu
11 Bodel Limited Agbogba, inside Telenergy building Dome
12 Western Generation Ventures Nima Market Swanmil
13 Pro-Partners Limited Teshie Kantamanto Spintex 1
14 ST. Johnson Commerce Adenta Shell premises Airport
15 20th Century Enterprise Dansoman, Sahara, 7 Titus Lane Dansoman
16 SA Devine Enterprise Kwabenya Opposite the GA Rural Bank Dome
17 Mikesh Ventures Santa Maria, Christ Mission Santa Maria-Christ Mission
18 Psalm 23 Barbcon Ventures Lapaz Tema Station Kaneshie
19 Psalm 23 Barbcon Ventures Circle Airbony building Kaneshie
20 Psalm 23 Barbcon Ventures Santa Maria, Rexford Academy Kaneshie
21 MaKay Pharmacy Lashibi,  1st Allied Oil Station Spintex 1
22 Atinkapa Cash Ashaiman, overpass Tema
23 SPRINT N Limited Madina Taxi rank Airport
24 Refrack Devine Susu Ventures Kristol City Road, Opeikuma Kasoa Kasoa
25 Wisnk P Business Centre Close to Mamprobi Post Office Korlebu
26 Teamon Company Ltd. (Farmers Rice) Ogbojo Nii Soja Street Airport
27 Mufasa Phones & Accessories Ent. Kaneshie Market Kaneshie
28 Pleasant Pastures Limited Near Ebenezer Pentecost Church, Santa Maria Santa Maria
29 First Internet Limited Kasoa SCC opposite University of Communications Limited Kaneshie
30 Beyond Susu Capital Pokuase Kasoa Station Achimota
31 Executive Merchant Company Ltd. Santa Maria, Aunty Aku Road Santa Maria
32 Prudence Decare Nyamekye Trafic Light- Lapaz, Accra Santa Maria
33 Eskel Enterprise Near LA General hospital Airport
34 Qwess Link Consult opposite Jayee University College, Accra Santa Maria
35 De-Nester Ventures Norvic Pharmacy around Mamprobi Post office Korlebu
36 Yaw Costal Enterprise Adjacent Women World Bank, Tesano Santana Market Achimota
37 Demariam Enterprise Ashaiman near main Police Station Tema
38 Jedanmat Mart Enterprise Opposite Korlebu Teaching Hosital Korlebu

For enquiries, comments or complaints please call FBNBank on 0302739011/0266081534 or email

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