Money Transfer

With FBNBank Ghana, money transfer services are fast, easy and reliable to receive from any of our branches. Share love from abroad and let your loved ones receive their remittances through Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, Transfast, Sigue and Wari. Explore our services for seamless international money transfers.

Receive your money from abroad at any of our branches, experience seamless international money transfer with Western Union.

Receive your MoneyGram money transfer quickly and reliably. Experience the best service in remittance payment.

With Ria MoneyTransfer, enjoy the convenience of receiving your money from abroad at any of our branches.

Receive your Sigue money transfer from abroad with smiles at any of our branches.

Receive your TransFast money transfer with peace of mind at any of our branches.

Receive money from abroad and send money to other parts of the country to your loved ones. With Wari, you can buy airtime for any local mobile phone network.

Receive your Unity Link remittances at any of our branches or directly into your bank account instantly.

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