Premium Banking

This is a bespoke service designed for High net worth Individuals.

The focus is to provide an all-inclusive service to cater to our High net worth customers.

The Product is designed to capture high-value customers of all ages.

This is an invitation-only banking experience that allows us to provide dedicated service to a segment of our customers.

The Premium Banking service offering comprises;

  • Premium Savings Account
  • Premium Current Account
  • Premium Classic Account


  • To offer absolute convenience and relevance to your lifestyle needs.
  • To provide premium banking channels and proposition befitting of your status.

What we Offer:

Our Premium Banking service includes:

  • Dedicated Portfolio Relationship Officer to manage all transactions one on one.
  • Personalized banking hours from 8am-6pm.
  • Premium Access card for expedient service at all FBNBank branches.
  • Access to free FBNMobile banking.
  • Access to free Quick Banking *894#, SMS alert, ATM withdrawals.
  • Zero charges on your ATM transactions.
  • Concessionary rates on your business trade transactions.
  • Guaranteed same-day transfer.
  • Free Daily Media Reports to keep you updat- ed in the world of business.

The Premium Customer Identification

For your premium comfort, we have provided the following identification process for easy recognition:

  • Enjoy a personalized banking experience at any of our Premium Banking Lounges at our Airport, RRC, Osu, and Kaneshie branches.
  • We provide you with a specific Cheque and Savings withdrawal booklet for easy transactions.
  • Access to a dedicated teller.

Premium Current Account

The Premium Current account experience includes:

  • Free ATM Card.
  • Arranged Overdraft.
  • One Free 25 leaflet Cheque Book.
  • GH¢ 20 monthly charge for current account.
  • GH¢ 5 minimum Commission on Turnover.
  • GH¢ 200 maximum Commission on Turnover.

*Customers must have a minimum opening balance of GH¢ 100,000 to be a part of the Premium Current Club.

Premium Classic Account

The Premium Classic account experience includes:

  • Free ATM.
  • Overdraft amount of GH¢5,000 on condition that salary passes through the account 3 times.
  • Free Commission on Turnover.
  • One Free Cheque Book.
  • GH¢20 monthly charge applies.
  • Access to Overdraft/Loans.

Premium Classic Account is designed for salaried workers who earn GH¢10,000.

*Customers must have a minimum opening balance of GH¢ 10,000 to be part of the Premium Classic club.

Premium Savings Account

  • Access to Premium Lounge designed for your comfort.
  • Lower interest rates on loans to execute your business plans.
  • Better Savings and Investment rates.

The Premium Savings account experience includes:

  • 2% above the normal interest given on savings on the condition that no withdrawals are made within a month.
  • Interest drops to a normal savings account when the minimum balance is below
  • One withdrawal per month.
  • This account helps you invest funds with no risks for highly competitive returns.

*Customers must have a minimum opening balance of GH¢50,000 to be part of the Premium Savings club.

Asset Products

Premium Unsecured Overdraft

Enjoy exclusive benefits with premium offers that gives you access to overdraft for your business proposals.

The premium offers include:

  • Pre-approved Overdraft up to GH¢5,000 for your Premium Classic salary accounts.
  • Enjoy access to 50% of your average income.

*Offers are subject to Credit Risk Assessment

Lifestyle Privileges

Take your banking experience beyond the regular.

  • Enjoy access to Insurance Brokers with affiliation to premium insurance companies.
  • Enjoy 10% special discount and exclusive treatments when you obtain service or purchase items at:
    • Supermarkets
    • Eateries
    • Advisory Services: Insurance Broker
    • Spas & Gyms
    • Hotels
    • Appliance Stores

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