Young Super Save Account

This is a savings account for children opened and operated by the parents while the child is less than 18 years. It aims at accumulating savings and also to inculcate a saving culture in children.


  • Initial deposit of GH¢30
  • Interest earning threshold of GH¢300
  • Interest is calculated daily and applied quarterly
  • Free banker’s draft issuance for child/ward’s school fees
  • Half yearly statement facility
  • 1 withdrawal allowed every quarter but not more than 50% of the account balance
  • Account can be used as collateral for a loan facility
  • Interest is tiered and 200bp above the FBNBank normal savings rate
  • Standing order is set up to facilitate monthly deposit into Young Super Save account
  • No ATM Card issuance on the account
  • Beneficiary Child takes over account upon attaining eighteen (18) years



  • It provides a savings vehicle for accumulation of funds towards future expenditure for the child
  • Encourage savings culture in children


Required Documentation

  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Valid Photo ID (Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Passport, National Identification card)
  • Proof of address; Utility Bill
  • Complete FBNBank Account opening form


Who can Apply?

  • Children between 1-18 years whose Parents/Guardians are employees of reputable companies
  • Children between 1-18 years whose Parents/Guardians are self-employed individuals with regular earnings

To open a Young Super Save account

1) Do I need references for a Young Super Save Account?

  • References are not needed for this account


2) Is it mandatory to have a Debit Card for the Young Super Save Account?

  • A debit card is only issued to the parent/guardian if they request for one


3) What will happen to the Young Super Save Account when the child becomes 18 years old?

  • The Young Super Save account is automatically converted to a Savings Account

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