As a merchant or retailer who owns an ecommerce website, make the best of FirsteConnect, our multi-platform internet payment solution that enables e-commerce merchants and retailers accept payments for goods and services purchased on their websites. A variant of the FirsteConnect is, First eConnect Classic. 

This web payment solution enables online payment from both local and International cards. Cards which are accepted under the scheme are:

  • Verve
  •  MasterCard
  •  Visa.

Variants of FirsteConnect Product 

There are three variants of FirsteConnect Product namely;

FirsteConnect Classic

  • FirsteConnect Classic is suitable for businesses with no website.3AL merchant aggregating site is used to provide online presence for businesses. First Bank Nigeria Limited has entered into a partnership arrangement with 3AL Limited, an ICT company which powers portal.


  • Free Set-up cost
  • Merchant Discount per payment: The merchant gives the 3AL community a discount of 5% on every product purchased via card payment. This covers switch fee on cards payment, insurance of delivered product and maintenance of portal.


FirsteConnect Gold

  • This variant of FirsteConnect enables only local transactions using locally issued verve cards, MasterCard and Visa Card. There is an industry applicable MSC of 1.5% with a cap of N2000.00 per transaction. A one-time set-up fee of N150, 000.00 also applies.



  • This variant of FirsteConnect enables both local and international transactions using MasterCard and Visa Card. There is an applicable MSC of 4% with no cap on transactions. A one-time set-up fee of N75, 000.00 and recurrent monthly fees of N120, 000 per annum.


  • Implementation cost for FirsteConnect Gold is N150,000 while Platinum is N75,000
  • Transaction fee per payment is 1.5% of the transaction amount with a cap of N2, 000.00 for domestic transaction
  • Transaction fee per payment for international transaction is 4% of the transaction amount without a cap
  • Upgrade to International acquiring is Free i.e. the set-up fee
  • There is a recurring cost of N120, 000.00 per annum for FirsteConnect Platinum.


  • Accepts payments from all card types (MasterCard, Visa and Verve cards)
  • Reduced Implementation time (24 hours)
  • Real-time transaction reporting
  • Transaction settlement in naira and USD (based on customer preference).


Features of Classic

  • Having a web presence at no additional cost
  • Merchants are granted access to display their goods in line with their brand style
  • Posting of comments by sellers and buyers on displayed goods
  • Login with Facebook profile
  • Messaging service
  • Connect with friends and contacts on social media sites
  • Credit facility for buyers on the platform
  • Loyalty and discount to drive traffic
  • Live interaction between buyers, sellers and support staff
  • Payment solution which accepts payments from all card types
  • Integration with courier systems for delivery of goods.



  • Creates online visibility at no extra cost
  • Increases awareness and reach of the SME’s products and services
  • Provides an opportunity to interact with buyers and potential clients from all locations in Nigeria and globally
  • Reduces cost of doing business since customers can order for goods without visiting business location
  • Online Reporting Tool
  • Opportunity to interact with buyers and potential purchasers
  • Increased reach and sales turnover
  • Opportunities to connect with friends and people of common interest
  • Price comparison and competitive pricing
  • Buying at discounted prices
  • Enjoy credit facility on products ( in line with consumer banking financing guidelines).


Benefits To Corporate

  • Ability to accept payment from internet users irrespective of geographical location and time
  • 24 x 7 availability of the Corporate business
  • Enables proper cash flow management since corporates have access to view payments that will be credited to its account in the days ahead.



  • Implementation cost: N150,000
  • Merchant Service Charge (MSC) for Domestic transactions: 1.5% – cap of N2,000.00
  • Merchant Service Charge (MSC) for International transactions:- 4% (no cap).


Target Market

FirsteConnect is suitable for the under listed categories;

  • Schools, Institutions and Associations
  • Airlines, Hotels and Religious Institution
  • Online Shopping Malls and other web stores.

1) How to Register as a User on 3AL

  • You can create your 3AL account by clicking the ‘Join 3AL’ or ‘Sign Up’ link on the homepage (
  • You can sign up for 3AL using either email or your Facebook account.

2) How to Register a Business

  • Registration request can be processed in two ways, through online or form completion.

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